Create FOMO for Your Upcoming Site with a Countdown Timer – No Coding Needed

The online world is facing more and more competition between different website owners, bloggers, and online stores. If you want to be successful, you need to know how to use marketing and advertising properly. More importantly, you need to know how to use emotions to connect with your audience and link their needs and wants

5 Things to Consider When Designing a Logo for Your Brand

Logos are the identity of your brand, so they have to be given due attention. A good logo can sell your product or service without you having to say a word. This is why most successful big businesses today have an eye-catching design to aid their business model. Designing a good logo could be the

What Was Your First Blogging Triumph

We blog because we have a passion and want to share it… Or because we just love writing… Or because we want to learn something new… Or because you want to build something, be it a blog, an email list or a community… Or simply because we have something to say! But then one day,

Boost Your Search Traffic with Text Optimizer

TextOptimizer is a content optimization tool that works through semantic analysis. TextOptimizer allows you to improve the quality of your content to gain more organic rankings and traffic. I’ve been using the tool to create content for my new blog and it drove incredibly (and admittedly quite unexpectedly) awesome results. More on that below. How

HOW TO: Be Productive When Blogging During Vacations / Weekend

One of the most important keys to succeeding in blogging is being consistent. You can’t just publish an article once in a while and expect to succeed: You need to constantly share, engage, brainstorm and publish fresh content. It’s a continuous process… So how to remain consistent when life happens? With that question I went

Where to Blog for Money: 15 Blogs To Apply To In Order To Become a Paid Contributor

We need to talk about something for a moment: unpaid guest posts. This has become a controversial subject recently, due to freelancers who have been asked to submit free work via contests that can be used by the contest holders, even if it is not ‘selected’ as winning. It is a pretty shady practice that

Effective Social Media Promotion for eBook Authors

Compiling your previously written articles into one solid digital eBook means giving your old content a second chance (and ultimately build an additional source of income). But it also means lots of planning and additional marketing efforts. But fear not: the Internet is full of tools that will help you to spread the word about

Four Profitable Niches For Blog Writers & How To Embrace Them

It seems as if there are blogs all over the Internet that vary completely in topic, but there are niche groups that tend to be more popular than others. I f you’re interested in blogging, it’s a good idea to choose a niche that is profitable if you want to be successful. The following are

WordPress SEO Checklist

WordPress is currently used by millions of people and supports some of the world’s top websites including TechCrunch, Time Inc. and Fortune. However, it’s probably even more widely used by non-techies and individual bloggers, who find WordPress astonishingly simple to work with. Besides intuitive interface and ease of use, another thing that makes WordPress so

Build Your Bloggers’ Brand To Get Hired

“How do I find a job as a paid blogger?” “Do you really make enough money to live off of?” “Isn’t paid blogging for people who are already working in an industry?” “Are you a blogger for hire?” I cannot tell you how often I have heard these questions, and yet people rarely believe my