How and Why Did You Start Blogging? (Group Interview)

So many people are blogging nowadays. For many, of us blogging has tuned into the profession. For many, blogging has changed the life! Let’s see some of the remarkable blogging stories from our today’s guests! David Leonhardt Follow @Amabaie David McSweeney Follow @top5seo Don Sturgill Follow @Don_Sturgill Rey Follow @PhatInnovator James Brockbank Follow @BrockbankJames kulwantnagi

Original Content Versus Curated Content: Which Means More?

As the way we share online has changed over time, so has the definition of content. We not only have that which we create, but also that which we curate. Which has caused a question to form: which of the two is more valuable, and how should they be implemented into overall content management? What

8 Blogs About Blogging For Bloggers

Did the title of this post make you dizzy? It made me a little, writing it. Blogging is an increasingly crucial part of the online environment, and they have gained a special kind of legitimacy. Despite anyone being able to open a blog, not everyone manages to become an authority. Those who do are a

6 WordPress Social Media Plugins for Bloggers

WordPress is without doubt the world’s most popular blogging platform. It is easy to install and comes with a user-friendly interface which bloggers can use to manage their sites. WordPress also offers a myriad of plugins which can be used to enhance the usability of a blog. Here are some social media plugins which would

5 Crucial Steps For Promoting A New Blog

Starting a blog is always exciting, whether it is your first or your hundredth. There is so much possibility located within those blank pages. You start to fall into that pattern of seeking perfection, of wanting just the right colors in the design, content that really reflects what it is all about. Blogs end up

Hawaii Blogging and Marketing Meetups to Join

When you think of Hawaii, your mind is probably all fun and games. Days spent at the beach, windsurfing, going to parties with hula skirted women dancing to ukelele music. That is pretty much what we have been trained to think of when watching films, after that. But actually living there, you see the other

Indie Blogs That Pay For A Living

It is the dream of every blogger to make it big. At least big enough to start making some money out of the venture, something that takes years to accomplish for those lucky enough to break into the mainstream consciousness. It is so rare that most realize how unlikely it will be for the average

How To Promote Commenting On Your Law Blog

A blog has transitioned in to a useful business tool. Long gone are the days where blogs were only considered for fun and private use to express feelings or share things such as pictures and recipes. They have evolved to become an instrumental method of conducting business as they can be used as the real

Tips to Successfully Guest Blog on Design Websites

When you are going to produce the guest blog for the design website, then you have to follow its theme as well. The reason is that it will give you better understanding about your guest blog. Actually, if you get involved with the design website, then you will able to produce the quality guest blog

5 Must Have iPhone Apps For Bloggers

Bloggers have a tough job. They are fully responsible for the success of their website, and it comes down to how they write, the subject they choose, how they promote and their engagement with others. It takes a lot of time and energy, and often it goes unpaid for a very long time. It is