Find Your Perfect Blog Type

There are many different kinds of blogs out there. Rather than just a personal journal like it used to be, a blog is now a place where expertise can be shared, and names can even be made. Bloggers have their own businesses, running their sites as something well beyond the digital safe havens of yesteryear.

If you are thinking of starting your own blog, you might not be sure of where to start. My advice would be at the beginning, by finding your perfect blog type.

The Perfect Blog Guide

You Are: A well meaning, sensible and dedicated person who wants to improve the world through personal acts and lifestyle changes.

You Like: Corporate responsibility, green living, buying local, clean energy, upcycling, ect.

Your Perfect Blog Match: The Green Blog

This is a place for you to put everything having to do with more environmentally responsible lifestyles, and to promote healthier and more natural living. From tips to starting a compost garden in the middle of an upturned car, to how to make a radio out of nothing but used dental floss, you have a lot to offer the modern green wannabe.

Already, you are living in a hut made of bamboo and solar panels. So you know all about reducing your carbon footprint, and are well placed to help others who are looking to make smaller changes.

You Are: Supermom, in every sense of the title. You work, raise your kids, keep your husband’s cholesterol problem at bay, cook nothing that isn’t from scratch, keep your home immaculate, go to every school function and all while remaining way too attractive to not make other women really angry.

You Like: Everything nice, unpackaged, unprocessed, active and able to handle your never-ending energy.

Your Perfect Blog Match: The Mom Blog

This is not like the old mom blogs that used to consist of occasionally updated rants. You can do everything, including maintain a blog with your insanely busy and full schedule. You have a lot of energy, and you enjoy bulking up your life with plenty that requires it.

There is no single category of what will be posted. You might talk about your perfect kids or perfect spouse. You may post a couple of recipes that you claim are easy, but aren’t. Or maybe some photos of your project to knit a sweater for every person in Uganda or your traveling plans or experiences. But you will do it flawlessly.

You Are: Obsessed with saving money, recycling old products and a little bit of a hoarder. You have practically built your own home with all the changes you have made, and every bit of decor is one-of-a-kind and crafted from your own two hands and a glue gun.

You Like: Making things, buying things to make into other things, tearing things down for parts to build other things, and just things in general that are no longer the things they once were. You feel inspired when you see a broken gadget!

Your Perfect Blog Match: The DIY Blog

This is a no brainer for most DIY junkies. Because not everyone can take a few used popsicle sticks, yarn and hot glue and create a functional and eco-friendly nightstand/bookshelf/laptop stand. But you can, and you will leave us all in awe wondering how you did it.

You Are: Someone with a lot of opinions on how the world should be. You see something you don’t agree with and feel the need to immediately correct it.

You Like: Political shows, political blogs, political social media groups, political cause petitions, political pundits, ect.

Your Perfect Blog Match: The Political Ranter

My, but you sure have got a lot to say, don’t you? It is all very important, as well, because without changes the entire world is going to spin out into chaos and we will go hurtling towards the sun.

You are a little bit paranoid, and pretty angry. Which isn’t to say you don’t have every right to be. But not everyone wants to hear it, and in your day to day life you are noticing that coworkers, friends, family and even the cashier at the grocery is skirting you. It is time for a place to vent your civic minded frustration.

You Are: Obsessed with technology, to the point that you have every new gadget at least a day before the “official” release. You have an odd sixth sense about what will and won’t be popular, and you have a few connections in the industry that give you the latest news fast. Or maybe you’re just great with Google.

You Like: Electronics, things have to do with electronics, news about electronics, and puppies…the robot kind.

Your Perfect Blog Match: The Techie Blog

Yes, we get it, you love technology and everything to do with it. You might have a specific genre in mind, such as video game consoles or computer software. But all in all, you are excited about anything on Wired, Gizmodo or Popular Science.

Speaking of those cool techie names… This cool domain name generator will help you find lots of technology oriented names that will be a joy to promote:

It was only natural that you would end up utilizing technology to start talking about this subject. Luckily, so many people are interested in the same thing that you will soon have an entire community of tech geeks drooling over the latest releases.


Obviously, there are many more blogs than just the few above. But these are, to me, the most prominent that seem to be everywhere these days. There is a good chance that you fall into one of them. If not, it should give you an idea of how to break down your interests versus expertise to find your own little niche.

So, whether you are wanting to teach the world how to make holiday themes napkin rings out of apple cores, or you want to spark the latest social media marketing revolution, there is nothing stopping you. Start blogging today!

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