Top Ten Tips for the Fresh Bloggers

Blogs are nowadays the most economic way of creating websites and making them popular.

For the same purpose, more portals try to make blogs. They do this either on the server they are using or by setting up the blogs through blogging services.

Therefore, more and more people are making new blogs and trying to earn through online means. Every blogger may not be able to make their blogs popular and earn from it. A lot of work has to be done in order to make a blog popular and get heavy traffic on it.

The blogs don’t have to backbreaker SEO just to get some traffic. The bloggers need to follow certain steps for this purpose.

Especially, the new and fresh bloggers need to learn these steps so that they can make their blog purposeful.

Here are those tips and steps that bloggers must learn to do something that will reward them in the end.

  • The bloggers must remember to use a URL that is search engine friendly. Some blogs might use the title of articles as the URL of the page. This is easy as the search engines easily pick up the URL and index the URL in its appropriate category. Punctuation and symbols might confuse and interrupt the search engines.
  • The next step is to ping the blog you have created. This is a good method of notifying the search engines whenever you are having new content for your websites or blogs. If you are using WordPress or such blogs provide you automatic services of pinging.
  • The bloggers need to write good quality content. You don’t just have to put the content on the blog without bothering if it is worth reading or not. You need to make sure that the content and entries you are using is valuable, informative and interesting. This is obvious that if you have enjoyable content in your websites, people will love to read and enjoy what you have in your blog.
  • The bloggers should follow and keep only what they are familiar with. They should never discuss the theme or the subject with other people and it will not be effective. People usually love learning and reading new things and if your blog is giving some new information, it will help you in that case. If they already know the subject what your blog is showing, they will not like to read your blog and take interest in it.
  • The next tip includes, linking the blog. People who have different blogs should link the blogs and this is the most recommended tip. The bloggers need to keep in mind that inbounding links, is an important step. It is an absolute way to let the audience share your blogs in an easy way.
  • The bloggers need to spread their links on the blogs or comments of other people’s blogs. Whenever the bloggers leave such comments on other blogs, the URL will help you in exposing the links for readers. Make sure that you leave an interesting comment that is related to the theme of the topic.
  • Avoid copying the content and use new and unique content. Copying and such stuff can destroy your blogs and leave a bad impression.
  • The bloggers may use social websites where they can post their bookmarking sites. All such bookmarking services will be free of cost and you will love to use them. Use tools like Linktree to set up an effective social media bio.


The bloggers, who recently have started such jobs and blogging, need to make sure about all the necessary blogging steps that help them to make the blogs successful ones. If they are following these steps, they can learn the basics of blogging.

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