World’s Youngest Bloggers: 6 Success Stories

Check out these six bloggers who all got their start before they were 20.

1. Gloson


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At the age of 10, Malaysian-born Gloson created a blog at his mother’s urging. Over the years, he developed that blog into an interesting place where he gave extensive tech and online media tips for people who visited his site. He did so until the age of 14, at which point he sadly stopped. Presumably, he is busy having a normal teenage life that doesn’t involve breaking down modern technology for adults who never figured out how to get the VCR clock to stop blinking. But his site is still there, popular and featuring a ton of good advice.

2. Ethan Turkeltaub

Ethan Turkeltaub

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This 16-year-old is an interesting case. What makes him so fascinating? Two things: one, that he is already a semi-professional website designer; and two, he has been for seven years. Think about that for a moment. This kid has been creating websites that have been used by people who have paid him since he was nine! Not only that, but he knows HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby and MongoDB, the last two being more obscure coding formats that aren’t as widely used. His blog uses a clean layout of his design, and he primarily posts videos.

3. Danais Graveris

Danais Graveris

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Most freelancers in any field from writing to graphic design will know this guy, even if they are not aware of it. He is the founder of, perhaps the most popular design blog on the web. He is also only in his early 20s and founded the blog back in 2008, when he was in his teens. Though the site is now written by multiple designers, he was the one who started it all.

4. Bambidele Onibalusi

Bambidele Onibalusi

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If you are a writer and don’t know this young man’s name, you should. He is 19 years old, from Nigeria and runs the website YoungPrePro. Still not sure who he is? Maybe you know him by his awarded moniker of The Guest Posting King. How did he get this title, you might ask? By writing 300 guest posts for blogs in just nine months – that is how. He did that at the tender age of 17, making him the youngest guest-posting expert on the web. It made him famous in the freelancing world and proved how useful those free guest spots can be.

5. David Legget

David Legget

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Tutorial9 is one of the most helpful sites for Photoshop out there. David Legget is to thank for that, because he was the teenage, self-taught founder behind it. He is a well-known freelance graphic designer, and he has done it all on his own terms. Talk about inspiring!

6. Glen Allsopp

Glen Allsopp

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I am half-convinced that Glen Allsopp of ViperChill is really a robot who has been sent to this planet to dominate the viral marketing world. At the age of 18, he was already working for companies like HP and Nissan, and by 19 he had, apparently, decided that the role of overpaid marketing dupe wasn’t for him and became his own boss. His website is popular, well informed, funny and now has a new writer, as well. That would be the very funny Ramsey, aka Blog Tyrant.


Just think, these are only six of dozens of successful and well-known bloggers who have made an entire career out of their websites before they could legally drink in the United States. You just have to love (and hate) them.


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