WordPress SEO Checklist

WordPress is currently used by millions of people and supports some of the world’s top websites including TechCrunch, Time Inc. and Fortune. However, it’s probably even more widely used by non-techies and individual bloggers, who find WordPress astonishingly simple to work with. Besides intuitive interface and ease of use, another thing that makes WordPress so popular is the fact it provides some powerful SEO features.

Namely, WordPress has a clean code, just the way search engines like, and offers numerous plugins for optimizing different elements on the website. Its customizable URL structure, as well as categorization and tagging options are additional features that webmasters simply love.

Considering the fact that 21% of a website’s ability to rank in search depends on its on-site features, it’s unsurprising that most website owners find WordPress a critical tool for their online growth. This infographic by Domain .me summarizes key advantages of working with WordPress when it comes to SEO.

Wordpress SEO

Download: WordPress SEO checklist

A few useful highlights from the infographic:

  • Make sure to create attention-grabbing titles and URL slug containing your main key phrase (but don’t overuse!). [I use this tool to give me some ideas on keywords I can use]
  • Use your keyword in your meta description, title, URL slug, image file names and image alt text
  • Choose a responsive WordPress theme and make sure to pick a good reliable hosting
  • Link to older blog posts internally
  • Make sure to promote your site expertise and authorship to get ready for Google’s core algorithm updates

Are there any more SEO tips you could add to the list? Please mention them in the comments!


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