Why Health Blogging Represents A Great Opportunity

Have you ever considered turning your interest and knowledge of health into a business opportunity? Either way, you should seriously consider health blogging. You may want to blog about your own experience of losing weight, increasing your fitness or how you manage to live with a particular condition, review health-related products or discuss topical health news. Whatever you wish to write about, starting your own blog doesn’t just give you the chance to share your thoughts with others; although it might start out for this reason, it can provide an opportunity to make some money. Here we look at why health blogging has business potential.

A wide audience

Information about health is relevant to everyone and is one topic you can guarantee isn’t going to go out of fashion. Whether it’s to obtain information about a problem you or a family member has been recently diagnosed with, to learn more about a diet you are thinking of trying or to read about preventative measures to protect your health, we all have good reasons to go in search of health advice. With more and more people having access to the internet, the number of potential followers is on the increase; the more people regularly reading your blog, the greater your earning potential from advertising and products you might be selling there.

Regularly updated

Not long after books and magazines are printed, the information which they contain relating to health goes out of date, with the latest research showing for example that the cause of a disease or the best treatment or lifestyle changes to manage a condition is now something new. However, with a blog as long as time permits you can update your content daily if you wish. Providing readers with fresh information will keep them interested and coming back for more.
Ideal for busy readers

With the commitments that work and family life bring with them, we are increasingly finding the time for other activities in the day are being squeezed out. Your doctor might have been the main port of call for health advice in the past, but now it can be difficult to slot an appointment into a busy day; even if you can you may have to wait days for advice. With a health blog information is available round the clock, so you can access it whenever you need it and is most convenient for you; with mobile devices and tablets this is even easier.

Unique information

Everyone’s experience of health and disease is different. While there are many respected sources that provide health information, often people prefer a more personal touch, reading about others experiences. Providing accurate information relating to health is a must, but you can share ideas and what you have learnt firsthand with others by way of a blog. If readers are able to identify with what you have written, this will see them returning time and again. Another popular way to encourage your followers is to use a discussion forum where they can meet others online in the same situation, allowing them to swap stories and share helpful advice.
Opportunity to buy

Although readers are unlikely to visit your health blog primarily to buy any products you might have advertised there, if they like what they read and can see the relevance they are more likely to get out their credit card. You can provide links to purchase items related to the topics you cover – either your own such as a book, meal or fitness plan you might have written or someone else’s products for which you will receive a referral bonus.

Starting a health blog couldn’t be easier and as you can now appreciate it will be popular with readers, providing great earning potential.

Julie writes health articles for a number of advice sites in the UK. After seeing how well they were doing she got into health blogging herself.

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