The Critical Articles That Your Blog Needs

When you create a website with the focus on content (rather than promoting a business or a range of products), you will normally choose a specific niche that you want to work within and then stay on that subject across that site. This is how you tie your site together, how you find your audience and how you know who to market it too.

From there you are then free to write whatever you want on the subject, and if you’re also a fan of the topic then you should find that adding new content and coming up with great ideas comes fairly naturally to you.

But while it’s up to you what you write for the most part, it’s important to recognise that there are some topics and some titles that don’t come down to choice. Whatever your niche, there will be a number of articles that are practically required. Your readers will expect them to be there, and if you leave them out they will be notable in their absence. What am I talking about? Let’s delve into it a little further…

The Fundamentals

The most obvious example of a critical article or post is some kind of overview of your niche. This should be required reading for the visitors that come to your site and want to know what it’s all about. I’m not talking about your ‘about page’ (which is a page more than an article), but rather a ‘What is SEO?’ article or a ‘What is Bodybuilding?’ article. Here you bring your readers up to speed and give them your definition so that they can enjoy your articles.

Also useful might be an ‘Everything You Need to Know About…’ article, which can give a little more ‘in depth’ insight so that readers can fully appreciate the nature of your site.

Similarly, you also need to cover all the basics of your subject early on. For a bodybuilding site then, that should mean giving yourself an article on protein shakes, one on writing a program and one on the science of building muscle. Basically, the aim is to ensure that everything your readers need to know on your subject can be found on your site – because otherwise they might go elsewhere.

More Examples of Critical Articles

Some critical articles meanwhile are a little more flexible and abstract. For instance, every site should have at least one article that offers something completely different from the competition and that shows off the kind of value you can offer. This will be your ‘star’ article (although it would be preferable to have more than one) and it will be the article that makes your site interesting. If your site is just basic articles that don’t offer anything unique, then you’ll only attract beginners in your niche and even they may get bored quickly. Before you launch your site then, you should make sure that you have at least one article that’s entertaining, compelling and informative. If it meets all of those requirements, then it will pique your visitor’s interests and they’ll be more likely to come back to see what else you post.

Meanwhile, other critical articles are temporal and will change over time. It’s highly important for instance that you ensure your site covers breaking news – particularly the bigger stories. If you don’t feature those breaking stories on your site, then you’ll communicate to your visitors that they need to go elsewhere to stay up-to-date with news. Make sure you don’t miss a story, and if possible, try to be the first to cover them.

Using Those Articles

Now the trick to success is to make sure that your visitors know right away that your site is going to deliver on all those fronts and that they can get everything they need from one place. Put one of each kind of article on your site before you even go live, and make sure that your visitors can find them easily (promoting your star articles somewhere prominent is always a good idea). Then, once your site is live, try to upload one of each type every week or at least every few weeks. Don’t upload too many of one kind in a row, and make sure that the home page displays a good selection at all times.

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