The Best Way to Share a Guest Post on Google Plus

When you publish a guest post on someone’s blog you are probably proud of it. Why shouldn’t you be? You have managed to pitch an idea, have it accepted, written for the blog and had it published. All while increasing your visibility, reaching a new audience and making an important professional connection that could benefit you for years to come. There is every reason to be proud.

But now that it is up, it is time to start considering how to share it. Facebook and Twitter are easy enough. Linked in just needs a quick status update. Even Pinterest is simple, as long as the post has a picture of some description.

So, what about Google+?

Share a Guest Post on Google Plus

The way they run their ‘circles’ is different than any other social media platform. As is the way posts, links and updates show on the main circle feeds. How can you properly share your post on Google+?

In my opinion, these are the two best ways.

Publish On Google+

Publish On Google+

A lot of bloggers have actually moved their blogs onto Google+. This is an interesting decision, as it immediately socializes the site and allows for greater integration onto the platform. It is an idea I don’t support though as years on the web have taught me to never depend on third-party hosting services you don’t control…

Don’t want to go that far? You don’t have to….

Link On Google+

Link On Google+

You simply write a small introduction to your post (around 200 characters or less), and then publish a link. Google + will generate the thumbnail and intro of your guest post automatically. A catchy original intro and an image thumbnail are decent ways of catching readers attention as they are skimming through their feed. It also improves the chances of them clicking out to the original post.

When writing the summary, make sure that you are using compelling language. Much like using Twitter, you are being forced to get your point across in very little space. Whatever you write should immediately capture the focus of the Google+ user, and make them want to know more. It takes a special balance between giving away enough, but not too much, to make this work.

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