Create FOMO for Your Upcoming Site with a Countdown Timer – No Coding Needed

The online world is facing more and more competition between different website owners, bloggers, and online stores. If you want to be successful, you need to know how to use marketing and advertising properly. More importantly, you need to know how to use emotions to connect with your audience and link their needs and wants to your website, products, or services. 

FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is real. This feeling, while oftentimes negative and stressful for the person, can be used to create hype or buzz about something, whether it is a product or service you are selling or a big event you are planning to host. Every good marketer knows that audience likes to see some buzz about a product or service. 

Especially if they or their friends use it or are talking about it, they will be more interested and hyped about buying and using this product. For example, that is why whenever Apple launches a new phone, they don’t show it as soon as it is ready to launch. Instead, they broadcast when they will reveal its newest features and the new look, before they launch a short video that is generated to create buzz and hype around your brand, thus making people want to buy it more. Oftentimes, they use a countdown timer to let everyone know when they will reveal their newest phone. Apple knows how to use emotions. And it works. 

The team at Apple knows how to create hype by using FOMO. They know people don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity of having the newest phone, of being a part of the next big idea, or of attending a major event. 

Fear of Missing Out

So, how can you use FOMO?

Well, create a sense of urgency and importance. You can use visuals or countdown timers for this to let your visitors know how much time is left before this great opportunity is gone forever. You can also use the timer to let them know when something big is coming, such as your website being open for business again. 

Also, use exclusivity to attract attention. For example, this is exactly what top websites and brands are doing with their email list and newsletter subscribers daily. Say that only those that are part of a rewards club can get this perk or sale (you can get their email addresses in return and can use it later for targeting and segmenting based on their purchase behavior).

If you run an online store, create excitement about a product or a sale by creating good landing pages that have a countdown timer.  

How to add a countdown timer to your site.

Creating countdowns is easy, especially with the Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode plugin. The countdown mode comes with the countdown date and time that will be counted down to the launch date. You can change the number size to make them more or less visible and change their color to match your website design and style. There are also days, hours, minutes, and seconds labels that you can fill out and start the countdown. It is pretty simple. 

This countdown timer is a must if you are planning an event or are re-designing your site so you want to let your visitors know what is happening and when.

You can download this plugin from a WordPress directory by clicking here. You can download and activate it like any other plugin. 

Countdown Timer

Besides just having the countdown timer, this plugin comes with some other great features. You can choose between more than a million free, high quality images and professional themes that can fit and adjust to your brand. It is a simple plugin to use so you can create what you need in minutes and not waste your time learning how to use it first because it comes with a drag and drop builder. When creating your pages and all you need to choose is a theme, change a bit of the text, and you are good to go. 

You can collect leads and subscribers as it can be integrated with MailChimp. 

The plugin is also optimized for SEO so you will be showing high on the results page and you can collect emails so you can build leads and create a newsletter or email marketing campaign. You can create great landing pages, sales pages, or coming soon pages depending on your needs. Even better, you don’t need to know any coding to do all this. It is that simple. 

The plugin comes in a few pricing plans with the most popular being $79 for lifetime access or $199 for agencies and webmasters. There is also a plan that is made if you need a coming soon page only for a short time where you only pay for the time you use it, $39/year. 

This plugin has more than 80,000 active installations and is frequently updated, so you can be sure you are downloading and using a reliable plugin. 


Your visitors don’t want to miss out on anything. They want to be included and want to feel like a part of the group. 

If you are using FOMO to market events and products, they want to attend those events and buy products that everyone else has and is talking about them. With the Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode plugin, you can make sure they don’t miss out on these things with you.

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