Searching for My New Blog Niche: Are You Joining?

new-nicheAre you looking for a new cool feature you’d be excited about enough to start a blog?

Well, I am and I turned to MyBlogU for some suggestions and found some absolutely awesome ones! I won’t yet say which ones I liked most, so please share your own thoughts in the comments!

Here’s the questions I asked:

So I have a few blogs here and there and most of them kind of miss the angle: They are too generic which means it’s hard to stand out.. The only one I am happy with HireBloggers that has a goal (thanks, MyBlogU!). It’s a blog about blogging and I am looking to start a blog about something else.

Here are a few things I could blog on but I am not sure how to refocus those the way it’s not blogged to death yet: (1) Productivity and multi-tasking (2) Family (raising kids while working) (3) DIY (crafts and creativity) ANY ideas? Maybe I can combine them all to find the original angle lol

[ALSO in preparation for this adventure, I am collecting resources, so suggest some. Here are a few great guides I discovered to add to my collection]

Here are answers I felt like I’d be choosing from:

From Tat of Mum in search

DIY projects for busy parents – not only giving them the project, but also showing them how they can fit it into their day. What part can they do while doing something else (multitasking)? What can they outsource to their kids? and so on

Using craft and creativity to balance work/family… For example, DIY projects that improve your work productivity. Projects that bond you as a family. Projects that makes your family life more organized.

Look for a common theme – take some time to explore why you’re interested in these topics. Is there a common theme that’s emerging? If there is, then you can make your blog about that common theme and blog about whatever you like as long as it links back to that theme.

Is there a special way how you do things (rather than what you do)? (Of course, there is, we all have our special way). If you can zero in on your special way you can make that your point of difference.

From Philip Turner of Time Money Problem

Personal could be the way to go – personal blogs seem to be more popular than I would have thought…

My own new niche site will be, aimed at people my age who are looking for a purpose in life. I will link it on with my other blogs on side-jobs and philosophy… My point is – Is there a unifying concept you could follow through with.

Top of my head thinking – Ques that might help

  • What is YOUR Reason for living? Others will think the same
  • Where are you going next in your life?
  • Taking control of your life
  • How can you help others? What knowledge do you have?
  • Questions my child asked today

From Christopher Jan Benitez

Family hacks!

I think combining the first and second options is a great idea. As a family man, I would love to hear suggestions on how to make managing my family much easier and convenient.

Also, while your site will have similarities with LifeHack and LifeHacker, at least a family hack site is a highly targeted and specific niche that will appeal to people with families. I think you can make money with affiliate marketing by searching for products and services on how to raise a family and integrate this into your content strategy.

Hope this helps.

From Jeevan Jacob John of Daring Blogger

I am in the process of finding a niche myself (although I haven’t decided if I want to start a blog – maybe I should go with a website?). Anyways, here are a few of my ideas:

Productivity and Multi Tasking:

Hmm, quite a lot of blogs in this niche. I would suggest focusing on certain aspects; here are a few ideas I can think of:

Being productive in breaks (basically about taking breaks and getting the most out of them – most bloggers just tell us to take breaks or take vacation; they don’t go into much detail). But, the type of break and the way we take them is just as important, if not more.

The best example I can think of is my own breaks – I have taken several long blogging breaks (I am on one now… but before this, my longest break was a summer a few years back). I didn’t write anything for the whole summer (about 4 months). So, I expected to do a lot of work once I got back, from my break.

But, to my surprise, my traffic had grown over those 4 months, even though I hadn’t written anything new (of course, I did have some work replying to comments and so forth, but overall it was a growing period for my blog).

The best aspect of it was, once I got back, I had a fresh perspective (and a whole lot of ideas regarding what to write).

Or perhaps you can narrow down your audience – target students (productivity in college/high school), or maybe workers employed in specific industries (productivity for engineers, productivity for artists and so forth).

Same could be done with a family blog – focus on certain aspects of parenting, or maybe just certain phases (like the baby phase, or dealing with teenagers and so forth).

As for crafts and creativity – maybe focus crafts that are not just decorative, but useful? Or perhaps creative expression through a particular art, like drawing (you could go even more specific – drawing with paper, or drawing on a whiteboard, drawing with chalk, as supposed to pencil).

From David Leonhardt of THGM Ghostwriter Service

The other two angles are fairly generic, unless you want to dive into a sub-niche.  Productivity is a huge issue, and not many blogs focus just on that.  In your shoes, I would identify 4-6 streams of productivity (for instance, online, in the office, managing down time, etc.) and create one blog with 4-6 specific streams.  The thing that makes this attractive is that the blog has a razor sharp focus, while at the same time appealing to people in almost every niche – not just business people, but even employed people, too.

Tom Treanor posted this to a discussion group I am in, and several people commented on how useful it was.  So I suspect this could be a very useful niche.  And there are probably a lot of productivity SaaS and other items that could be sold through the website.

From Dr Elaine Nicholls of Virtually Tutoring with Dr Nicholls

Mix and match!

I do think you could be successful focusing on productive parenting. A lot of productivity blogs are aimed at business and our working lives. How can we be more productive in our personal lives?

I think parents can feel under pressure to do everything perfectly so I think concepts such as the slight edge and focusing on ‘just one thing’ are important. How do you get your kids into routines helping around the house etc? How can you build up their emotional resilience and independence?

From Stephanie of Amatu Artea

Mix all of your ideas!

Productivity and multi tasking as a mother who has to work and loves craft is actually a niche 😉

From Kari of Be Happy Tips

How to productively do crafts with your kids after work? smile

Seriously though, I think an interesting blog would be making the most of your time with your kids when you have the time – and how to make sure that time is there.

Maybe the importance of bonding, and the best ways to bond with limited time. I don’t remember much from my childhood, but I do remember the quality time I spent with my mom and my dad.

Eventually you could write a book that highlights what activities parents can do for the week, what they need to prepare, and how to make the most of the activities.

There is one mother who charges people for a list of lunch ideas for the week – you could do that with crafts and bonding activities. Takes the guess work and planning out of it and leaves time just to do it.

Just spit balling.

As far as I’ve seen, parenting blogs get a huge following by other bloggers and parents alike. Parenting will always be an issue, and raising kids while working is definitely more of an issue than it ever was.

Adusu & Chaitu of The Blogging Login

There are plenty of ways to find your own angle for all those topics. For example: do you love scrapbooking or gardening? Then you can angle your (1) “Productivity and multi-tasking” blog for gardeners or scrapbookers. For (2) “Family (raising kids while working)” you could angle your blog, for example, from the viewpoint of a mother who has hyperactive kids or ADHD; and your (3) “DIY (crafts and creativity)” could be all about creative ideas about a specific craft you enjoy doing. All these examples are very simple, but you get the idea.

Wow! How am I supposed to choose?


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