Indie Blogs That Pay For A Living

It is the dream of every blogger to make it big. At least big enough to start making some money out of the venture, something that takes years to accomplish for those lucky enough to break into the mainstream consciousness. It is so rare that most realize how unlikely it will be for the average blog to accomplish such a feat.

Unlikely, but not impossible. There have been plenty of examples of independent blogs that have managed to break into the big time and start earning an actual living wage per year off of their websites. By “independent”, I mean sites run by single people without being under the header of a wider organization.

Here is a list people who are living the dream.

1. Ana White

Ana White

When Ana White and her husband found out they were going to have a baby, they decided it was time to get their own house to raise their child in. However, they didn’t go down to the local real estate agent. Instead, they built their own home piece by piece, paycheck to paycheck over a single summer. Then they set about building everything else that was inside of it. It wasn’t until she had finished a number of large projects and realized her love of the craft that Ana began to blog about her plans, experiences and projects. That site has since become huge, and is one of the most popular true DIY sites on the web. She has written a book and has hundreds of thousands of regular readers, which allows her to make a decent annual salary off of the site itself.

2. Chris Garret

Chris Garret

His job is to work as a consultant for businesses to help them build and engage an audience online. So it is no surprise that Chris Garret’s own blog has become incredibly popular over the years. From discussing content to marketing, he has produced several ebooks and has full courses written up for users to follow. His real expertise is in affiliate sales, however. Which is how he has made more than $40,000 per year through his blog. He also has a personal site you can check out for when you are in the mood for lighter, friendlier topics.

3. Steve Pavlina

Steve Pavlina

You wouldn’t know from the fact that his blog is work $480,000 that Steve Pavlina’s life was ever anything less than a success. But in his 20’s he was facing a felony theft charge, had been kicked out of college, and was doing pretty much everything the wrong way. After discovering programs for improving yourself and life, he went back to college and started a video game business. He went bankrupt, pulled himself up, turned his business around, and continued to better his circumstances one step at a time. Now he offers lessons to others who wish to do the same, through his popular website that earns him more than just a base salary.

4. Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts

att Cutts is an interesting guy. He has been on Google’s development team for awhile, and is now head of Webspam at the company. But his blog has no official Google affiliation, it is just his own place to post. Getting most of his income through the use of Twitter, his blog is also worth more than $400,000, like Steve Pavlina above. Does anyone else find it funny that his social media success is linked to Twitter and not Google+?

5. Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh Oxenreider

This one is cheating a little, because it isn’t the site of a single writer. It did start out with one, though…Tsh Oxenreider founded the blog in 2008 to help others live a simpler and more rewarding life without all of the constraints of modern, possession obsessed mindsets. But that site slowly expanded to become what it is today, where there are two dozen contributors./staff members, and not just mothers as is suggested by the blog name. There are fathers who wish to live simpler, as well. They have books, podcasts and other products, which has brought a lot more success.

Do you know of any good blogs whose writers have managed to find real success financially? Let us know in the comments.

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