How You Can Write Great Content Even If Your Writing Is Awful

write-great-contentThere’s one thing most people do not comprehend, writing is a learning process. You cannot become a pro overnight. In fact, your writing will suck in the beginning, and that’s okay. When I was starting out, my writing was just horrible. I was often told I wasn’t good enough to become a writer, but, that did not stop me. I never allowed the negativity of others dictate what I wanted to be.

With the help of a few people and lots of reading & writing, my writing skills improved greatly and I became a better writer.  And that’s why I’m writing this article – to help you make improvements in your writing skills… and maybe thank me later.

Find out what your readers want to see on your articles and blogs

Your readers are the ones who determine if your content is great or not. So, before you start wring any topic, ask yourself one question –will my readers find this fascinating? But how do you know if they think your content is great or just horrible? There are three ways to find out.

  • Google Analytics –you can find out the most popular content on your website with this tool. It shows which page on your website attracted more traffic, the number of visitors on mobile and PC, where the traffic is coming from (locally or overseas) and the bounce rate (the page visitors leave as soon as they arrive). Pay close attention to your articles/blog page. Find out how much traffic they are getting. This will give you ideas of which content needs to be produced more often and which needs to be improved.
  • Alexa – another tool that can help you determine if your audience thinks your content is great. Alexa shows how many visitors your website attracts, where your visitors are geographically located, how much of your website traffic originates from search engines, keywords visitors are using, how engaged your visitors are and the bounce rate as well. If you find out specific keywords that drive visitors to your site, you may write more content of the same.
  • Buzzsumo –you can discover your most shared content and who the key influencers are. If your readers can’t stop sharing your article, it means one thing – your content is awesomely great that left them with no choice but to share. Hence, you can produce multiple pieces of the content around the same topic in the future.

Lay down strict guidelines for your articles and blog posts

If you want to have a successful writing career, you must set strict guidelines for every piece of your content and follow them diligently. Have a certain formula, sort of.  For example, your article should have a topic, followed by an introduction, sub-heading (s), body and then a conclusion. If you add images to your articles, make sure it’s something your readers can relate to.

Articles following a certain formula are not by any means, predictably vague or uncreative. It actually helps you maintain a high standard in your content all the time. Hence, your readers are provided with useful, quality assured information.

 Further, you don’t have to be an exceptional writer to produce great content, just follow your formula and you are good to go.

Do what the best in the business are doing

Copying what the best in the writing business are doing is another way to learn. Their work can greatly improve your writing skills.

It pays to take a few minutes or hours to look and snoop on what exactly they are all about – what are some of the topics they cover, how much content they pump out every day, which articles readers find fascinating and all. Hence, you can do the same or even more in your future articles.

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F. Aldea is a Digital Marketing communications consultant and blog writer who loves to explore the newest trends in business, technological know-how and advertising and creates about a variety of stories.

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