How To Promote Commenting On Your Law Blog

A blog has transitioned in to a useful business tool. Long gone are the days where blogs were only considered for fun and private use to express feelings or share things such as pictures and recipes. They have evolved to become an instrumental method of conducting business as they can be used as the real time way in which a business gets recent, relevant and up to date information out to the masses. This is why law firms have found that using blogs to focus on and highlight key issues helps retain clients and draw in new ones at the same time. One issue is the interaction that a good blog needs to keep things flowing and moving along.

Work Your Past Clients

One of the best ways to get more people to comment on your blog is to ask those past clients with whom you have or had a good relationship. This will bring back in to your fold those clients that enjoyed working with your firm and found success through the services you offer. This can be done by sending postcards, letters, and emails or even calling those past clients and letting them know that your main site has a blog as well and your firm welcomes comments from past clients about any issue relevant to them. This will get comments started and then from there you will find that more people post as they tend to follow what others do on a blog.

Choose Your Words Carefully

One of the ways to promote commenting on a blog is to pose questions and ask others to comment. Some may think this is a common sense approach, however, it is often those easy to implement ideas that tend to get overlooked even though they truly do work. This is why when a blog post is made, a few questions at the end need to be asked to get more people engaged in those posts. This will have a domino effect of sorts and trigger more people to chime in and thus the commenting per post will generate itself over a short period of time.

Make Sure Your Blog Is Known

One of the other ways to encourage commenting on a law firm blog is to make sure that every new blog post is marketed to those who have signed up to follow or receive updates about the firm’s blog. This will help bring followers and those who comment back to the blog as they will see when new posts are listed.

The key to a great law blog is one where many people read the posts and plenty make comments. In fact, new clients, ideas and cases are often found buried in those comments so it is a wise idea to diligently read those comments as you never know where your next big case will come from and a great blog comment may be the key. Blogging is a truly real time method of generating interest in your law firm and thus when used properly will help establish your practice as a truly professional and well informed firm.

Today’s post was written by Thomas J. from Rue, Ziffra & Caldwell. Thomas lives in Orlando, Florida with his Wife and children. He is an avid sports fan with a passion for the outdoors.

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