How To Make Every Article A Project For Ultimate Web Success

Promoting an article isn’t easy, and unless you’re the CEO of a huge business with a ton of marketing power behind you, you’ll probably find that you have a lot working against you. Post to social media sites or Reddit and you’ll find your link quickly gets buried by a slew of other posts. Send a press release or a link request to a high profile blog, and chances are that it won’t get any love. Post a link on a low quality links directory though, and Google will penalise you. What’s a webmaster to do?

As with many problems, the answer is simple: come up with a plan. Rather than writing content then hoping that you can find a home for it, think of each of your articles as part of a larger plan. Know who they’re for before you write then and identify your route to market before you upload them. If you do all this, then you can rest assured that you won’t just be spinning your wheels and that there will always be someone interested in reading your articles. Read on for a few examples that can help you to stop wasting time and start really attracting traffic.

Using a Forum

Forums are a great way to find communities online of people who are very passionate about particular subjects and who are obviously also liable to spending large amounts of time online. This is also a great place to find markets for your articles, so for instance if you were running a football blog and struggling to get visitors by posting on Reddit and the other usual sites, then you might consider posting in a forum for a particular team where you would be able to target a smaller niche within your topic and find people eager to read your content and comment on it.

In order for this strategy to work of course, your article would need to be relevant to that team (otherwise you’d likely just annoy the forum members). At the same time, you would need to build up some recognition in said forum so that the first thing you did was not to post a link.

In short then, you’d need to plan ahead and design your whole article and route to market before you began. This way you would be building your content for a specific market and already know how to give it a head start.

Giving Away Information and Products

Likewise, you can also find markets by providing answers to questions or giving away free content. For instance, if you wanted to get coverage in a well-known blog, you could offer an exclusive to their readers such as a free e-book or app. Combine this with a short article explaining your giveaway and you can bring a lot of high quality traffic.

In short then, you shouldn’t just think of your articles and pages as being just another in a long sequence, but rather as part of a specific plan to appeal to a particular market and bring those people to your site.

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