How To Hire A Blogger

hire-bloggerThere is no doubt that blogging is an effective form of brand promotion, not to mention a great form of passive income. But not everyone is suited to blogging themselves, whether that is due to a lack of writing skills, or just that the target audience is based in another language or culture. Some people will try and blog regardless, and the results can be lackluster, to say the least.

A better option is to hire someone who is trained in the skill set necessary to running a blog. That goes beyond just the writing part; they have to know how to engage readers, bring them back for more, and come up with ideas for dynamic content that is based on the interest of your target audience. Some social media and other talents can be helpful, too.

Take a look at some of the more popular blogs out there. You will notice that the people writing posts are experts in their field, but are also good at connecting with others. Maybe that is due to being relatable, or funny, or even stirring up controversy. Whatever ‘it’ is, they have ‘it.

Which brings up a question: how do you go about hiring a blogger? Even more importantly, how do you make sure you are hiring the right one?

Be Prepared For Some Misses

I commonly hear people complaining that they go to a site to hire a blogger, the person seems reliable and just what they are looking for, and it falls apart. This sours the whole experience for the client who hired them, and turns them against the idea of blogging altogether.

The sad truth is that you are going to hire some useless bloggers, or just some who turn out not to be the right fit. If you are hiring a number of bloggers, this is even more common. But for every ten bad eggs, there is a really good one who is going to stick with you long term, so don’t give up!

Never hire a blogger on a long term contract right away. Instead, provide a short term project that shows off their ability to writing. Do more than a single blog post, and instead ask them to write four or five. You will see their ability to provide consistent work at a high quality each time, and if they are lying about their samples you won’t have the messy task of trying to wriggle out of a contract.

Another benefit to this method is that you get the chance to work with them and build communication. Misunderstandings and issues are pretty much par the course for any new project, so you can see how you two mesh, and if it is worth continuing.

Don’t Cheap Out… This Is An Investment

There are so many people out there trying to get content for next to nothing. They act as though the blogger should feel honored to even be approached, let alone offered pennies on the dollar. But you are running a business, and so are they. So to say this is insulting is an understatement, and it will immediately chase away any decent bloggers who are long term prospects.

Blogging is a form of social and content marketing. It is an investment, and should be treated as such. Would you skimp out on your advertising, and put badly made ads on sites that will never see the light of day? You shouldn’t be trying to lure bloggers with scraps, either. It only hurts your efforts, and you won’t see realistic growth.

Now, despite what people might say, there is no real industry standard here. Different writers ask for different rates. But you should be prepared to pay between $15 – $20 an hour for most content, much more if you are looking at well known for higher tier bloggers. For per word rate, it can be anywhere from $0.02 to $0.10, which will depend on both the blogger, and whether you are paying for editing and media costs.

Use the Trusted Sources

find-writers-mybloguMyBlogU “Find Writers” section makes perfect sense to me. Writers are ranked by “usefulness” (MBU rank) there, so you can be sure they have earned their way there!

If you are offering a good rate, and you are willing to take the time to filter properly through applicants, you will find some good bloggers there. You can also search their public profiles based on things like their star rating, their asking rate, and their experience. Then put conditions (such as how many jobs they have taken on the site) on the job ad. This can at least narrow your field down to a handful of potentials, which you can interview more thoroughly.

I have my own list as well of writers and bloggers I can recommend: Hire Bloggers: Recommended

Go Straight To Bloggers You Like

Plenty of bloggers out there take requests for paid work. Unless you are a well established brand, you probably won’t be able to attract the highest names. But medium-popularity bloggers with a decent reputation will probably have a rate for work, and it is worth asking.

Keep in mind that this approach, such as going through a website you frequent, an affiliate network, or a blogging network, will have a high price tag attached.


Hiring a blogger is a great way to generate valuable content for your brand. But it takes effort, time, and a real investment on your part. Remember, this person is going to be the face of your business. You don’t want to hire just anyone for the task.

Be vigilant, offer a good rate, and be prepared to filter a lot of options. If you do those three things, you will have your blog up and running in no time.

Note: This is my third of weekly articles within #MBUstorm challenge! I am doing very good so far! I see a traffic spike every time I post a new article!


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