How to Make Money from a Blog without Ads

passive-incomeWe’ve seen lots of tutorials on how to make money from a blog without ads. But realistically, is it possible? Are you making your living from your blog ads? Do you personally know anyone who does

I’ve asked my readers to share their experience. Here’s what I got:

Tat from Mum in search: “Maybe if I tried harder…”

…the closest thing to success I’ve had with passive income is this post with affiliate links. For a while it was getting a fair bit traffic from Google and the occasional sale. Probably, it could have been more successful if I had optimised the post better, kept it updated (the Goddess Circle I’m reviewing in the post is not even called The Goddess Circle anymore) and added follow-up posts.

Sophia Anne Rose from Super Green Diet: “Audio +eBook products”

Both audio and eBook products (that I sold via a blog online store, using a WordPress plugin), were items that I sold to make money online. Each of those products were roughly $30 each.

Matthew Gates from Confessions of the Professions: Creative Text Ads

I found unique spots on my website where I can place text ad links, that are utilized with the Custom Fields plugin, I am able to add additional lines of code to each post before the article and after the article. I use Paypal to create the button and allow anyone to input the link, the description, and where they want it. I charge anywhere from $2 per month to $30 (depending on the popularity of the article) for the year for anyone to submit a link on each individual article.  The links are nofollow to agree with Google’s Guidelines, but make sure you are getting an abundance of traffic.  For example, on less popular articles, it is probably okay to charge $2 per month, whereas more popular article you can drive it up to $5 per month.

While this is not any method to get you rich, it certainly can pay the hosting costs for the website. And the advertising potential is unlimited.  You can post any amount of links.

You can take a look here: — go to the most popular article called “Webcam Model” and you will see some text links on there. Banners are welcome as well for the same price, though you could easily charge more.

An additional method of through Adsense (Google) or (Yahoo and Bing) which can certainly yield you over $100 a year.  Again, nothing to get you rich unless you are writing content that is often going viral and you are getting hundreds of thousands of impressions, but your first goal: Make enough money where the ads are paying for you to have a free website.

Hope this leads you in the right direction.

Gill Andrews from True Stories with Gill

One of my interviewees got this question “from the audience”. Here is what he replied.  I’m inserting the link to the whole article, because the answer is pretty long and thorough. Check out his answers to  Q1 and Q4.

And my favorite quote from Chad:

Something to keep in mind: A website that produced just $500/m for over 6 months can be sold for $10,000.

I’m not making those numbers up; I see it happen every day as I look for businesses to acquire. A common rule of thumb is to take your average net monthly revenue and multiply it by 20 to get your sales price.

From  Liudas Butkus: AdSense

Passive? well, there’s nothing more passive than putting adsense widgets on your blog. You don’t need to do anything and you keep getting paid. Yes, you need a lot of traffic to get paid good money, but that’s probably the most passive income source you can get.

From Andrew Plaza:

There are many great ways to make passive income on a website. One of the best is adsense–but for new blogs the earnings you will make from people clicking on ads is not much to say the least.

Another way is Affiliate Marketing. Be careful with this one, however, because it’s easy to get carried away. You don’t want your site turning into a sleazy operation to turn a few bucks. That will degrade your content and ultimately bring less people to your site. But, writing the occasional review of a product from in your niche, and then putting your link at the end will net you more profit than adsense, at least until you get a large enough userbase that adsense starts making you more money, in a more socially-acceptable way. Just make sure your reviews are legitimate, well-written and unbiased, and you userbase should find them worthy of content. Go to a site like Clickbank (Sleazier) or Commision-Junction(More quality products, but hard to get approved for), Pick a product from your niche, write a review, put a bannner ad up, or what have you, and that should start earning you some passive income. If you go the review-route, make sure the review is SEO optimized. If your site has some authority, and you  target keywords that you know you can get on the first page of google search in, the review will rank well and you will get users coming to the review earning you passive income in the long-run as well as in the short-run.

Other ways include creating your own e-book and marketing it, creating a newsletter to push products (Remember, DON’T get carried away, and always make sure you are creating quality-content to go along with this).

These are the ways I will make passive income for my blog. As of now, however, I ease-up on the ads, because I want to grow my user-base by creating quality content before I populate my website with ads, Right now I have adsense earning my .01 cents a day (yay!?) and one ad for a niche-related product from clickbank on my sidebar. I am growing my newsletter, but so far have only been using it as an aggregation source to send my articles to those subscribed.

Jeevan Jacob John from Daring Blogger

Only one method has worked consistently for me:

Sponsored posts.

This is just like affiliate marketing; only difference is that clients contact you and pay for you to write about them (In affiliate marketing, you are paid through commissions).

In both cases, you are writing about a product (that, hopefully you tried and experimented with). I made the most money out of this, through my tech blog (niche is very important here, as there are certain niches where sponsored posts won’t necessarily work, as a consistent method to make money).

Plus, there is not much you can do upfront (to get clients), other than building up your blog/website (which of course, should be your primary goal in the first place).

Of course, you can also showcase your profile on communities – such as My Blog U Find writers page. I had great success with one site (although it doesn’t exist anymore). It was a sponsored posts website/community – advertisers will post offers to you, and you can write a post for them…they will review it, and accept it.

(In such cases, I would recommend that people don’t compromise their honesty for money. Some folks may not accept the post because you didn’t write a positive review. If you don’t like the product, mention it. Mention what is wrong… you may not get paid, but at least you are honest. And it will help the developer create a more polished product the next time around).


What’s your experience with monetizing your website?


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