How Bloggers Get Hired: 5 Most Effective Ways to Find a Blogging Job

bloggers get hiredThe Internet has given us lots of opportunities to get hired (beyond sending your resume through the job boards). We are lucky to be living in the Internet era!

All bloggers get hired one way or another (Only very few are able to live off passive income). Being hired isn’t complicated but it does take time to understand what works best for you.

Here are the most effective ways I was able to find so far:

1. Get Hired Through Contacts and Recommendations

All of my paid jobs/contract writing have come from people I have met in places like MyBlogU and MyBlogGuest.

Sometimes the work has come indirectly, through a recommendation, but always through contacts. This has been the case for 6 years, ever since I started working as a blogger. I have never had to go looking for work.

I believe it is essential to grow your knowledge, then to share that knowledge in a public forum so others can see you are a good guy and your reputation grows as a result.

~Philip Turner of MaXXers

2. Get Hired Through Your Other Articles & Your Website

Blogging and writing gigs are all over the place. There is no one venue.

Probably the top way I find blogging gigs and other writing assignments is by blogging on popular platforms.  I get people writing me and saying, “Hey, I saw such-and-such an article.  Could you write for me, too?”  The catch is that you really have to write something that stands out, so quality and originality are what counts most, much more than quantity.

I also get a lot of requests coming in to my website, most likely through the search engines, although some perhaps through social media or places where I have been quoted.  You have to set your website up to display your writing, to offer your services and to funnel interested folks into your lead generation process.

My own blog posts, on my own blog, have also gotten me some assignments. Most recently, this post on writer careers got me a couple posts to write.

~David Leonhardt of Ghostwriters for Hire

Instead of actively looking for clients by applying on job boards, I have adopted an inbound approach where I attract clients to my website without me lifting a finger. Here’s what I did:

  1. Develop a homepage that comprehensively details what I do. In my site, I linked to different relevant pages that cater to specific needs of my potential clients.
  2. I make it easy for clients to reach out to me or performed particular actions on the site – I placed different contact form that they can fill out if they are interested in my services. I also make the CTA buttons big and colorful so it stands out from the page.
  3. Once I have set up the pages, I write guest blogs for different publication sites relevant to my services. On the byline, I link to my homepage or a specific page on my site so people can learn more about me. The trick here is to find sites with the most followers and subscribers to maximize your reach. It definitely will not hurt if your content is really good.
  4. Promote! Share your published posts on your own social media accounts and other channels (Viral Content Buzz,, etc.) The idea is to be seen by your audience.
  5. Track and measure performance. I use Google Analytics and URL builder to see which channels provide the highest CTR to my landing pages.
  6. Rinse and repeat. Improve landing pages, write more content, test, test, test!

It’s a fairly simple process but it takes a lot of time to truly develop a sustainable system that lets you acquire clients through this method. In my experience, it took me 2 years to truly develop a client base through the inbound approach.

~Christopher Jan Benitez

3. Get Hired Through Your Own Email List

The best way to find gigs is to promote via email. Moreover, one needs to promote oneself as a “done for you” expert. In other words, it is key to position yourself as someone that can take their content strategy from ideation to full execution. More and more people want someone who can do more than just write the content.

~Edwin Dearborn of Power Branding Secrets

4. Get Hired Through Blogging Job Boards

I use the ProBlogger job board and places that advertise sites that pay; that way you get the benefit of payment as well as link back.

~Joy Ireland

I have also found a couple opportunities on Craigslist, although you have to be able to quickly do triage.  On Craigslist, there are plenty of penny pinchers and plenty of people who want writer baby sitters (“You’ll work from my home, so that we can write the text together” – no way!!!)  No pennies.  No babysitting for me. And especially, no penny-per-hour babysitter

~David Leonhardt of Ghostwriters for Hire

Fiverr is one of the easiest ways to get the blogging job. You can also find a list of blogging websites that pay for blogging on a regular basis in Google search. I love SitePoint that pays a pretty penny for high quality article. I believe that quality and unique posts are always well-paid and prominent.

~Irina Weber of SE Ranking

5. Get Hired Through Online & Offline Networking

I generally find clients through a mix of online and offline networking. Most bloggers neglect networking as a form of client building. The thing is that you can meet a lot of successful entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to use blogging for their business, but do not know where to start. Meeting in person gives them faith in your abilities.

~Andy Nathan


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Here are you actual opportunities to get hire out there!

Final Thoughts…

  • Remember it takes time: Don’t be discouraged! Work on your productivity and motivation while you are still working. It’s your attitude that makes you succeed. Use this time to get better educated and better organized:
  • Work on your own site! Your own site, your own email lists and your own writing portfolio – these are your most effective ways to attract customers and get hired. If you don’t have a site yet, join this wonderful challenge to start your own site and get motivated to succeed.

Over to you!

Which method has worked best for you: Please share your experience and tips!!

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