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When you think of Hawaii, your mind is probably all fun and games. Days spent at the beach, windsurfing, going to parties with hula skirted women dancing to ukelele music. That is pretty much what we have been trained to think of when watching films, after that.

But actually living there, you see the other side. While the perks of living on the islands is undeniable, it isn’t all surfing and sun. Those involved with business have the same needs as others around the US and beyond, and work is still a part of life.

There are not many marketing or business related meetups in the area, but the ones that are around maintain a high quality with serious minded individuals populating them.

1. The Kailua-Kona IBD Meetup Group

The Kailua-Kona IBD Meetup Group

This is a very small group with only six people at the time of this writing. But sometimes smaller groups can be beneficial, as they lead to a more tight knit community and valuable connections on a more personal level. Currently there are no planned events, but it is worth joining up and contacting the others to arrange individual meetings.

2. Maui Business Brainstormers

Maui Business Brainstormers

Marketing is only one of the focuses of this group. It is more about brainstorming on all topics, from customer engagement to startups. The only consistent element is that these are small business owners and managers who are looking to grow their businesses and improve their profits. This group is rather large with more than 500 members and regular events held.

3. No Ka Oi Toastmasters

No Ka Oi Toastmasters

Everyone in the business and marketing world need confidence and leadership skills. One of the biggest indications of a powerful leader is their abilities in public speaking. This group has events where you can practice and hone that skill, while getting tips and advice, and connecting with others. Those with social anxiety or fear of public speaking are especially welcome.

4. Maui Business to Business Networking Group

Maui Business to Business Networking Group

Meet other professionals in this B2B networking group. You can connect with other business owners and managers. Create valuable connections and discuss affiliate programs. Build strategies for better profit gains. Improve sales or engagement. They meet once a month for a luncheon at a local diner.

Get Prepared for Your Trip

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Do you know of any good marketing meetups in Hawaii? Thinking of starting one yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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