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WordPress SEO Checklist

WordPress is currently used by millions of people and supports some of the world’s top websites including TechCrunch, Time Inc. and Fortune. However, it’s probably even more widely used by non-techies and individual bloggers, who find WordPress astonishingly simple to work with. Besides intuitive interface and ease of use, another thing that makes WordPress so

6 WordPress Social Media Plugins for Bloggers

WordPress is without doubt the world’s most popular blogging platform. It is easy to install and comes with a user-friendly interface which bloggers can use to manage their sites. WordPress also offers a myriad of plugins which can be used to enhance the usability of a blog. Here are some social media plugins which would

WordPress.com VS WordPress.org

If you are thinking about starting a blog you have probably thought through a lot of different factors. The type of blog it is going to be, how often you post, the way you will be promoting it, the design you will use. But there is a very subtle question sometimes those who have chosen

How to Create a Glossary On WordPress

For most blogs the use of tags is enough to allow the user to sift through the many posts and find what they are looking for. But what if you are wanting something more sophisticated than a simple search post option that tagging allows? For example, how would you create a glossary that gives the