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5 Things to Consider When Designing a Logo for Your Brand

Logos are the identity of your brand, so they have to be given due attention. A good logo can sell your product or service without you having to say a word. This is why most successful big businesses today have an eye-catching design to aid their business model. Designing a good logo could be the

10 Ways to Improve Your Home Office and Keep Your Sanity

Your home office is worse than a cubicle in a call-center? You need to fix that before you lose your marbles. There are a lot of low-cost changes you can make, and surely keeping your sanity is worth a little bit of cash. An office space should always be both functional and comfortable. But a

6 Simple To-Do List Hacks for Busy Bloggers

Sometimes, the classic methods and simple list hacks are all you need to increase your productivity. So today, we won’t talk about any productivity programs or applications; we will simply focus on how to make the good ol’ paper to-do list and how to make it effective for you. 1. Scratch That! One retro take

5 Ways to Create a Great Freelance Portfolio Using WordPress

Every freelancer should have a WordPress portfolio. I know plenty of people will create their own websites under their own domains, built from scratch and lovingly places on the internet like it is their own child. But I honestly believe that a WP-based site is far superior. Mainly because I am not patient or knowledgeable

Blogging Meetups for a Shoestring Budget

While trustworthy statistics are difficult to come by, it’s safe to say that many millions of new blogs are launched each year, and that has made for one of the most competitive and difficult professions in the world. Struggling bloggers working to make ends meet are a common breed, and it is that fact that

World’s Youngest Bloggers: 6 Success Stories

Check out these six bloggers who all got their start before they were 20. 1. Gloson Follow on twitter @Gloson At the age of 10, Malaysian-born Gloson created a blog at his mother’s urging. Over the years, he developed that blog into an interesting place where he gave extensive tech and online media tips for

HOW TO Start a Personal Blog (And 5 Reasons Why You Should)

Anyone who was on Livejournal five years ago knows one simple fact: everyone and their mother has had their own blog. Of course, the way that these blogs are presented and maintained have changed for the better. The rambling journals of teenagers talking about Justin Bieber are easy to avoid, and instead we have a

Best Resources to Learn to Be Influential

When it comes to social media, we all want to become influencers in our niche. Whether it is a means of establishing a real foothold as a startup, or just gaining visibility as a professional blogger or social guru, it is on all our minds. Especially when we see those who have managed to get