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Searching for My New Blog Niche: Are You Joining?

Are you looking for a new cool feature you’d be excited about enough to start a blog? Well, I am and I turned to MyBlogU for some suggestions and found some absolutely awesome ones! I won’t yet say which ones I liked most, so please share your own thoughts in the comments! Here’s the questions

8 Blogs About Blogging For Bloggers

Did the title of this post make you dizzy? It made me a little, writing it. Blogging is an increasingly crucial part of the online environment, and they have gained a special kind of legitimacy. Despite anyone being able to open a blog, not everyone manages to become an authority. Those who do are a

Travel Blogs For Freelancers

Travel blogs are everywhere these days. Some are amazing, some are good, and quite a few are pretty awful. But for the most part you can find anything to fit a specific niche that you reside in. One type of blog I always look for is one that is good for freelancers. Maybe not intended