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Boost Your Search Traffic with Text Optimizer

TextOptimizer is a content optimization tool that works through semantic analysis. TextOptimizer allows you to improve the quality of your content to gain more organic rankings and traffic. I’ve been using the tool to create content for my new blog and it drove incredibly (and admittedly quite unexpectedly) awesome results. More on that below. How

How You Can Write Great Content Even If Your Writing Is Awful

There’s one thing most people do not comprehend, writing is a learning process. You cannot become a pro overnight. In fact, your writing will suck in the beginning, and that’s okay. When I was starting out, my writing was just horrible. I was often told I wasn’t good enough to become a writer, but, that

Original Content Versus Curated Content: Which Means More?

As the way we share online has changed over time, so has the definition of content. We not only have that which we create, but also that which we curate. Which has caused a question to form: which of the two is more valuable, and how should they be implemented into overall content management? What

6 WordPress Social Media Plugins for Bloggers

WordPress is without doubt the world’s most popular blogging platform. It is easy to install and comes with a user-friendly interface which bloggers can use to manage their sites. WordPress also offers a myriad of plugins which can be used to enhance the usability of a blog. Here are some social media plugins which would

How To Make Every Article A Project For Ultimate Web Success

Promoting an article isn’t easy, and unless you’re the CEO of a huge business with a ton of marketing power behind you, you’ll probably find that you have a lot working against you. Post to social media sites or Reddit and you’ll find your link quickly gets buried by a slew of other posts. Send

Why Health Blogging Represents A Great Opportunity

Have you ever considered turning your interest and knowledge of health into a business opportunity? Either way, you should seriously consider health blogging.

Content Marketing – The Art Of Being Relative

Content marketing and SEO Content marketing is a much used but not precisely defined term. Broadly speaking, it comprises a range of techniques that have the sole objective of what might be termed improving potential customer penetration.

The Best Strategies for Blogging for Business

There have been a lot of changes in the way businesses build content for their websites over the past year, and blogging for business is becoming even more important for a business to be able to get where it wants to be in Search Engine Results Pages(SERPs). This is something that was made abundantly clear

Enhance Your Articles By Embedding Fun Tools and Games

As bloggers, we are very focused on trying to improve the way we write. Which is as it should be, considering this is the primary focus of a blog; to give people something to read and inform them through this medium. Is it any wonder we find tips all over the web on how to

HOW TO: Create Content that Gets Shared

We all want to create the next big thing, but let’s face it: not everything we make is a masterpiece. Even when we strive for perfection we can often fall short, and the average blog will be filled with a mix of posts of various quality. That is just a part of life, and the