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Top Ten Tips for the Fresh Bloggers

Blogs are nowadays the most economic way of creating websites and making them popular. For the same purpose, more portals try to make blogs. They do this either on the server they are using or by setting up the blogs through blogging services. Therefore, more and more people are making new blogs and trying to

6 Easy To Use Blogging Tools For Beginners

For starters, blogging may seem to be a daunting task. It isn’t though; and can be done with definite goals that can jumpstart the flow of blogging for newbies. One way to make it easier is by harnessing the best set of tools online. Building an online presence is important. Moreover, using the tools listed

5 Best Gmail Tools to Use for Blogger Outreach

Gmail is the platform of choice for most people these days. It’s unique design, threaded messages and features make it ideal for both personal and professional use. Even some medium and large businesses are setting their employees up with Gmail accounts for ease of use. With Labs it is easy to fully customize email addresses

The Netiquette Of Quoting Other Blogs-Five Awesome Tips For Blog Writers

There will come a time in your blogging career that you want to add a quote from another blog. If you want to keep your reputation intact, it’s important that you know exactly how to go about quoting other blogs in order to keep from upsetting the original blogger or being accused of plagiarism. When

How To Make Every Article A Project For Ultimate Web Success

Promoting an article isn’t easy, and unless you’re the CEO of a huge business with a ton of marketing power behind you, you’ll probably find that you have a lot working against you. Post to social media sites or Reddit and you’ll find your link quickly gets buried by a slew of other posts. Send

6 Reasons Why Blog Posts Fail

Content is king online. We have heard this statement repeatedly because of its prevailing truth. Despite this truth, however, blog posts frequently fail. Blog posts are examples of online content. How, therefore, can they fail? Below are 6 of many reasons for blog post failure. #1 Bad Headlines Most online readers scan before reading. They

Eight Tips For More Effective Blog Commenting

Blog commenting might be the oldest trick in the book but there’s no denying its effectiveness in terms of SEO, exposure and traffic. It also happens to be one of the very few SEO practices that genuinely make the blogosphere a better place.

Top Tips To Help New Bloggers Get Better

A large number of internet users have turned to blogging for a number of diverse reasons. Many consider it an extremely promising career option while other takes it as medium for expressing their thoughts and opinions. Therefore, blogs on every conceivable topic exist on the internet and it is growing in number with every passing

How to Make Your Blog Popular

You have a blog, you have your first posts up, and you are just waiting for the traffic to start rolling in. You share the links on social media sites, get your friends to visit, put the link to your site in signatures…why isn’t your website being launched into internet fame? Where is the glory

What To Do (and What Not To Do) On Free Hosted Blogs

Blogs are pretty much a staple of internet culture these days. Not only are they a place for the average citizen to have their say, but they are now used widely by businesses, news sources and even government agencies from around the world. Blogs are just an expected part of the mainstream digital landscape, and