Bloggers, Get Hired as a Virtual Assistant By Outsourcing Your Knowledge and Skills

How Can Bloggers Get Hired As Virtual AssistantsHow Can Bloggers Get Hired As Virtual Assistants

The following article was written by Sara Duggan, a virtual assistant who you can hire here.

You’ve been blogging for a while now and have developed quite a few skills. It’s time to consider hiring out your skills as a Blogger’s Virtual Assistant. There are a few things you should determine first:

  1. Niche or Area of Focus –¬†Instead of being “all things to all people” find something you enjoy and are highly skilled in. Do you enjoy working on blog design or are you better at blog promotion? Start with the one thing that comes easily to you.
  2. Pricing – Don’t get stuck on this step. Beginning assistants start at $10 – $15 per hour with the more skilled receiving $75 per hour or more. Another option for pricing is offering packages. For example, you can provide Technology packages that include backups and maintenance or Promotional packages where you manage all aspects of promoting the blog.
  3. Target Market – You could work with any blogger but you can also choose to create a highly sought after niche for yourself by targeting a specific demographic. Are you a fashion blogger or do you blog about food? Find an area that you are very familiar with as this will help you connect your prospective clients to the right people.

Now that you’ve decided to offer your knowledge and skills as a blogger you need to educate your audience on how to delegate to a virtual assistant. One common questions is:

What Should I Delegate to My Virtual Assistant?

Most bloggers don’t want to start off with important or time-sensitive projects. Start with something small that doesn’t require the exchange of sensitive data like passwords. Once your client gets to know you and your work ethic you can move on to larger projects. Sample projects to offer are:

  • Technology – backups, plugin updates, WordPress updates
  • Content – brainstorm blog ideas, research keywords, or optimize images and posts
  • Promotion – submit to content curation sites, Facebook groups, Social Media
  • Image Creation – design graphics for events, blog hops, Pinterest
  • List Management – format and schedule your email, cleanup list

Your knowledge and skills as a blogger will help you get hired as a blogger’s assistant. Many bloggers find after a few years of blogging the¬†responsibilities increase and the joy they once had diminishes. Most decide to grow their blog into a business and this is when they consider outsourcing to a virtual assistant. When this happens, be there waiting and willing to step in and help.

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