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5 Tips To Organise A Blogger Meet Up Event

When bloggers get together for the first time, it is a very exciting moment! You finally get to see the face behind those blogs you’ve been reading for years. Here are a few tips to get you started on organising a meet up event that will surely get them blogging.

Why Health Blogging Represents A Great Opportunity

Have you ever considered turning your interest and knowledge of health into a business opportunity? Either way, you should seriously consider health blogging.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Successful Blogger?

Whether you think you can or not, you’re right. These inspirational words from Henry Ford ring as true now as they did when the first Model T cars were being manufactured. An abundance of confidence will not make up for an overall lack of talent though.

Blogging Meetups for a Shoestring Budget

While trustworthy statistics are difficult to come by, it’s safe to say that many millions of new blogs are launched each year, and that has made for one of the most competitive and difficult professions in the world. Struggling bloggers working to make ends meet are a common breed, and it is that fact that

Top 3 Reasons Not to Use a Nulled WP Theme

Theft is bad. It is also illegal. Unfortunately, when people get on their computers, they forget all about these facts—or, more accurately, they either ignore them, or try and justify their actions. Using a nulled or pirated theme on WordPress is an extremely bad thing to do. It can have negative impacts on your business,

World’s Youngest Bloggers: 6 Success Stories

Check out these six bloggers who all got their start before they were 20. 1. Gloson Follow on twitter @Gloson At the age of 10, Malaysian-born Gloson created a blog at his mother’s urging. Over the years, he developed that blog into an interesting place where he gave extensive tech and online media tips for

Content Marketing – The Art Of Being Relative

Content marketing and SEO Content marketing is a much used but not precisely defined term. Broadly speaking, it comprises a range of techniques that have the sole objective of what might be termed improving potential customer penetration.

The Best Strategies for Blogging for Business

There have been a lot of changes in the way businesses build content for their websites over the past year, and blogging for business is becoming even more important for a business to be able to get where it wants to be in Search Engine Results Pages(SERPs). This is something that was made abundantly clear

HOW TO: Get Blog-Efficient

Running a blog is time and energy consuming. Just writing the posts alone takes a lot of effort and dedication, and that doesn’t even include monitoring comments, dealing with technical issues and coming up with ideas for posts. Which is why so many blogs are started with good intentions, but abandoned soon after. Or just

Helpful Tips for Business Blogging

Upon getting started in an online marketing campaign one of the first considerations is the targeted audience. What does the business provide a service or a product? Therefore, we must find out what the keywords are that potential customers use when searching the internet for similar products or services. Four general categories provide some insight.