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Bloggers, Get Hired as a Virtual Assistant By Outsourcing Your Knowledge and Skills

How Can Bloggers Get Hired As Virtual Assistants The following article was written by Sara Duggan, a virtual assistant who you can hire here. You’ve been blogging for a while now and have developed quite a few skills. It’s time to consider hiring out your skills as a Blogger’s Virtual Assistant. There are a few

Searching for My New Blog Niche: Are You Joining?

Are you looking for a new cool feature you’d be excited about enough to start a blog? Well, I am and I turned to MyBlogU for some suggestions and found some absolutely awesome ones! I won’t yet say which ones I liked most, so please share your own thoughts in the comments! Here’s the questions

10 Ways to Improve Your Home Office and Keep Your Sanity

Your home office is worse than a cubicle in a call-center? You need to fix that before you lose your marbles. There are a lot of low-cost changes you can make, and surely keeping your sanity is worth a little bit of cash. An office space should always be both functional and comfortable. But a

Freelance Writing: How To Break The Shackles Of Slavery

The keyboard shackled to your wrists are destroying your soul and creativity. That’s how it feels when you are a freelancer working for someone who does not appreciate you. Many people who employ freelancers are determined not to pay a fair wage. Their logic is that there is always someone who will do the job

How to Improve Your Blog Reader’s Experience

User experience is an important part of running a successful blog. It can also be overwhelming, as so many different parts make up the whole. From the content you present, to the design, to the speed of your loading, there is a ton to take into account. These WordPress plugins may just help you out.

How Bloggers Can Earn Money by Providing Services: Expert Mastermind

We talk a lot about getting hired to make money off your blog: But how do people actually do that? Here is the round up of opinions: From real people! Writing and Coaching Seems to Be the Defaults According to Liudas Butkus, most people start a blog because they are passionate about a topic and

How To Hire A Blogger

There is no doubt that blogging is an effective form of brand promotion, not to mention a great form of passive income. But not everyone is suited to blogging themselves, whether that is due to a lack of writing skills, or just that the target audience is based in another language or culture. Some people

How to Make Money from a Blog without Ads

We’ve seen lots of tutorials on how to make money from a blog without ads. But realistically, is it possible? Are you making your living from your blog ads? Do you personally know anyone who does I’ve asked my readers to share their experience. Here’s what I got: Tat from Mum in search: “Maybe if

How Much Money Do Bloggers Make?

If you are asking this question, you either own, or are thinking of starting, a blog. You hope to make some money from that venture, as well. Join the party… most of us at least started to consider monetizing our sites when they began gaining more traffic and a higher number of regular readers. Though

Very First 5 Steps When Starting a Blog: Expert Mastermind!

Starting out is always tough! that means new tasks, challenges and commitments. I hope this interview sharing the very first steps you need to take when starting a blog will motivate you to act! First, let me introduce the participating experts: Philtrate Philtrate Abstract thinker. Rational. A man with 7 missions to complete who needs