9 Steps to Hire The Perfect Freelancer (Freelance Blogger)

So you want to get some help in but you don’t want to waste time and money on people that don’t fit your business? Then follow the steps in this infographic to help you get the person you need.

9 steps to hiring:

  1. Define the skill set needed, ensure you think about it and if you do not know much about it (which might be the reason you are hiring) then go onto some forums and seek help to build up the list. Be specific, not too general, or you will end up with a jack of all trades and master of none!
  2. Have a search and generate an initial list of candidates. You might search online or even do some offline advertising.
  3. Use agency or freelance website to get a general idea of hourly rates. Don’t just see how cheap you can get a freelancer for, work out what a fair hourly rate is for that niche. Cheap freelancers normally fall into one of these categories; they are good but due to the low rate they have too much on their plate or the skill level is low and they don’t have much experience/expertise.
  4. Build a matrix up to ensure your candidates meet your set criteria
  5. Get someone to help you and set up some meetings with the candidates. Take notes and ensure you prepare the questions.
  6. Fill in the matrix against each freelancer to see how they score.
  7. Review your notes and matrix to see who stands out. My guess is there will be one or two that stand above the others.
  8. Invite the final two for a second meeting to see which one gels better with the team.
  9. Make a decision!


Generally you will find freelancers either use sites like peopleperhour.com or they have their own websites like this one. Either way the output needs to be a freelancer that fits your business.

One of the biggest things is getting that trust and I find it easier to get that once you meet people. It’s easy to put down things in words but when you are face to face you get a real feel for people. Look at their reactions and response times, facial expressions and body language. This all gives you indications about to the person.

One thing always runs true – ensure you get on with them and the team does because if the relationship is going to be hard work then you are better to continue looking!

Find the original infographic here


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