8 Blogs About Blogging For Bloggers

Did the title of this post make you dizzy? It made me a little, writing it. Blogging is an increasingly crucial part of the online environment, and they have gained a special kind of legitimacy. Despite anyone being able to open a blog, not everyone manages to become an authority. Those who do are a kind of internet celebrity, the writers that everyone points to when looking for an expert in their field.

But who are the expert bloggers on blogging? Logic would say that anyone who has managed to increase their status into being a mainstream fixture would qualify. The problem is that they aren’t all out there sharing the secrets of their success, or keeping up with the latest blogging trends. What we really need are blogs about blogging, written by bloggers, for other bloggers.

It might all be a bit ‘Inception’ sounding, but there are blogs out there written about blogging. These are some that anyone wanting to run a successful blog should be following.

1. Copyblogger


Probably the most popular blog on blogging ever, it is technically more about content marketing in all its forms. Which, as we know, is a cornerstone for having a successful website. They offer regular posts written by experts, ebooks, seminarts, webinars, an active and helpful forum, an account for contributing to discussions, and a lot more. That is all on top of the blog itself.

2. Blogging With Amy

Blogging With Amy

The moment you click on Blogging With Amy, you begin learning effective blogging tactics. Rather than go to the blog itself, you start off on a landing page. This has an introduction to the site, with the reason she started her site. It also has a collection of links to content she has written before to get you started, and her latest posts. At the top of the page is a header with the other sections of the site, including the blog, her book, and contact info. The design is clever and effective, and we could all take a page out of her book on developing our own layouts.

3. ProBlogger


Best known by freelancers for its job board, ProBlogger has been around since 2004. Created by Darren Rowse, he has since expanded it into one of the best resources for all things blogs on the web. It covers various topics, like design, content, SEO, marketing, social media and more. He recently wrote a charming and fascinating post about his wife Vanessa, who has started her own blog. According to him, her three months as a blogger has taught him a lot more than he expected to learn.

4. The Blog Herald

The Blog Herald

Part of having a blog is keeping up on all the latest trends, updates and news involved in blogging. This is a great site that balances itself between news, editorials and how-to’s. They also have some great interviews with experts and influencers, books, guides and regular features. If you have a blog you want to advertise, check out their program. You can purchase ads to feature on their front page.

5. Moz


Formerly SEOMoz, this isn’t technically a blogging site. It is more an SEO and other technical marketing tactics site. But they are also a blog, and aimed at anyone who is dealing with content as their primary product. They also post some of the most recognized work on the web. To get more from their site, check out their products. They have an analytics monitoring section, a community, many guides and so much more.

6. John Chow

John Chow

With the tag line “I make money online by telling people how I make money online”, that is exactly what John Chow does. Blogging, affiliate networks, product reviews and content marketing are all a big part of that. He is there to show you how to expand your blog into something truly profitable, and is one of the best experts for monetizing your posts, and brand.

7. Michelle Shaeffer

Michelle Shaeffer

Michelle doesn’t want to teach you how to blog. She wants to teach you how to blog better. She is a down to earth, entertaining and patient instructor, and her posts are well written and full of info. Unlike so many other ‘gurus’ that shout their advice, she delivers it with poise. She can also be incredibly inspiring.

8. Daily Blog Tips

Daily Blog Tips

There are some bloggers out there that are impressive in their output. Ali Luke is flat out stunning. While his streak is occasionally broken by Daniel Scocco, most of the work posted here is done by Ali. Which is almost every day, with well written posts on anything you could think of involving blogging. They mean it when they say “daily tips”, and yet somehow the quality of the of the posts don’t suffer for the regularity.

Know of a good blog about blogging? Let us know in the comments.

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