5 Crucial Steps For Promoting A New Blog

Starting a blog is always exciting, whether it is your first or your hundredth. There is so much possibility located within those blank pages. You start to fall into that pattern of seeking perfection, of wanting just the right colors in the design, content that really reflects what it is all about. Blogs end up filled with the love and attention of the people who create them. At least the best ones do.

But once the header has been chosen and the posts have started flowing you still need one thing: readers. While it is a cardinal rule that if you post high quality content frequently you will end up seeing traffic, that process is very slow. Gurus estimate that it will begin working within a couple of months, but let’s be honest here…it won’t start to really see traffic for about a year. Sometimes even two if you’re unlucky.

That doesn’t mean you should be keeping the quality high and the posts coming. Of course you should be posting at least a few times a week, more if you have something to say. Just that you should also be seeking out other ways to promote your blog in the meantime.

Here are five crucial steps for early blog promotion.

1. Open a Facebook Community Page.

Facebook Pages are a great way to start finding regular readers who will check out your most recent posts. Not only does someone’s interaction on your page show up in their feed, but you can run low cost ads that are very effective in building your audience. When you create a page you will have two option. One is to promote from the page itself, and the other is to create an ad from the Create An Ad page. The promotion section will only let you set a daily budget of $5 or more. But an ad lets you set as little as you like. For $1 a day over three days my group went from 30 likes to 150 likes. It is slow but steady growth. As for content, update every time you post on your blog, interact with other Facebook groups using your official page name and share things from around the internet like photos.

2. Get Twitter and Start Posting.

Twitter is better for one on one engagement. You will still be updating when you post, but you should also be using the open nature of the platform for your benefit. Do a search for hashtags that are related to your niche and start speaking to people that way. Retweet and favorite things you like, start following others in your industry and share often. You can also take part in Twitter chats, which are often held in every niche imaginable. Just doing this once a week can really bring attention to your profile, which in turn brings attention to your blog.

3. Begin Interacting With Others.

Building a sense of community is a long term and important part of the whole promotion process. If you are on WordPress you should begin reading other blogs and interacting with the owner. Start doing guest posts whenever possible, and look out for opportunities for quotes and interviews on already established sites that offer a link back. All of this will make a huge difference when it comes to future collaboration, while bringing you some traffic.

4. Post On Reddit.

One of the best sites around for a quick injection of traffic is Reddit. Find a subreddit that is involved in your niche and start posting under a new account. Build a bit of a reputation there, then once you have some karma and a presence you should start linking the occasional post. Don’t do it too often, or you will only get downvotes for your trouble. But when you have a particularly relevant and high quality piece of work to share, that is a great place to do it.

5. Take Advantage Of Pinterest.

Another great social media site is Pinterest. If you have good pictures associated with your posts you can start sharing them on your personal account so those who have followed you can see. However, you can also open a free business account, and this is especially great for anyone who sells things through your blog. You can actually put a price tag and link with the pins, as well as pose regular content.

Have some tips for early blog promotion? Let us know in the comments.

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