5 Tips To Organise A Blogger Meet Up Event

When bloggers get together for the first time, it is a very exciting moment! You finally get to see the face behind those blogs you’ve been reading for years. Here are a few tips to get you started on organising a meet up event that will surely get them blogging.

1. Location, Location, Location

Not only are the bloggers excited about the actual meet but they are also very excited about visiting a new place and having time to explore it. When organising your bloggers meet, it is important to think about how your attendees are going to get around. Holding the meet up in a major city with plenty of public transport on offer is a good place to start. You want to make it as easy as possible for the bloggers to get around.

2. Keep it casual

Most bloggers have paid jobs and tend to post blogs on a social level. They are trying to connect with people just like them through their blogs so the last thing they want from a meet is to be put in a stuffy room where it is difficult to converse. Think about holding a dinner at a relaxed restaurant and put a few conversation starter cards in the middle of the table to get everyone to loosen up. Some other successful meet ups have been held at places like the zoo and art galleries. Depending on what your group blogs about will depend on where you hold your event.

3.Name Tags

As I said earlier, most bloggers only know of each other through their blogs and so a name tag with the name of their blog is a great way for everyone to recognise others in the room. You could also give everyone a list of attendees so they know who will be coming. It would be a shame to travel to a meet up only to find the one person you really wanted to talk to was there all along but you had no idea.

4. Start a meet up group

Using social media to create an event is easy. Just about everyone is on Facebook and they have a very simple event app. List topics to show what your group is targeting so that you obtain the right bloggers for your meet up. You could design some cheap invitations from websites such as Vistaprint and have bloggers rsvp via your Facebook event page. This way everything is in the one place and they can contact you via this page if they have any questions.

5. Last minute preparations

As with every event, there is always a few things to do on the day. Confirm with the venue that they have your booking and if needed, all of the equipment you require for any guest speakers. Make sure you have a copy of the RSVP sheet and you know where everyone is from and you can greet them accordingly.

A successful meet up requires good planning for everything to go smoothly and without hiccups, so set yourself a realistic time line for organising a rewarding event.

Written by Marney Atkins-Smith

Marney runs a wedding planning business with her sister and has been in industry for 12 months. From hunting down cheap invitations to finding the perfect  stunning centerpiece, Marney makes sure every aspect of her clients’ weddings are perfect and within the budget.

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