5 Must Have iPhone Apps For Bloggers

Bloggers have a tough job. They are fully responsible for the success of their website, and it comes down to how they write, the subject they choose, how they promote and their engagement with others. It takes a lot of time and energy, and often it goes unpaid for a very long time. It is the dream of every blogger to make a living wage off of their site, but a reality for only a few.

As it is such a task to run everything, whether you have reached the level of popularity you hoped for or not, it helps to have access to useful tools 24/7. Being able to gather content, post to your site, draft posts or save ideas when on the go will make life that much easier.

If you are a blogger with an iPhone, here are five apps that are must-haves. Best of all, they are all free!

1. Bloglovin’

It was mentioned before that engagement is an important part of blog promotion. Being a part of a community and interacting with people will bring you potential followers and also possibly lead to collaboration like guest posts in the future. Bloglovin’ lets you add blogs from any platform into a single feed you can read anywhere. You can also share posts through social media sites, leave comments and reply to others. All with a clean and easy to read layout that is designed for ultimate useability. If you want to discover new blogs you can also search their extensive database be selecting a category like food, fashion or DIY, among others.

2. WordPress

I am guessing a fair number of people reading this are using WordPress as their platform. You can easily post to your blog, accept comments, reply to people and see other WordPress blogs using their official iOS app. It creates a mini version of your dashboard with all of the basic features you would expect.

3. Dropbox

More than once I have found myself with a long wait ahead of me at the DMV, doctor’s office, pharmacy or somewhere else and wanting to get some work done. Dropbox is my best friend because it gives me access to any files I have popped into my account from my desktop. I have written whole blog posts while waiting for the dentist to finally see me, written notes for collaborators, or taken photos while on the go that I have been able to transfer straight to my other writers or to my own folder to use later.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

One big time eater for me is editing photos, and so I like doing that while I am waiting for other things, too. Just making a couple of quick fixes like crops and enlargement, contrast, red eye, ect. Photoshop has a free mini app that gives these basic features so you can fix your photos from your phone. I like to do this then send them off to my Dropbox.

5. Evernote

Another great one to have, you can sync up your phone and computer to catch notes from anywhere around the internet at any time. This is perfect for grabbing snippets of text, videos or photos while you surf the web to use in posts or social media updates later on. You can also create To-Do lists, search for text inside of images, create notebooks to keep projects or subjects together, email and save tweets, share notes with others through Twitter and Facebook and a ton more. It’s also a great travel companion for any blogger!

Every one of these apps is free and very useful for the average blogger. Have some to add to the list? Let us know in the comments.

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